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About Us


18Dao website's mission is to provide the best free online reference service for all the world. Including Life, Study, Work, Travel, Finance, Leisure, Communication and Network 8 categories, it provide many information which people wanted. It will use many platforms like: internet website, mobilephone, interactive cable TV etc. People using different languages and terminal will all get information from it.

Contact Us

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  • System operator: James Qi

About Wiki Version


18dao.com was setup in 2005, and in 2006 we launched the wiki version of 18dao reference service, using domain name http://en.18dao.net, to enhance users' interactive experience.


Common Contens

This website is one of the 18dao Wiki Group ( www.18dao.org ) ,

they use the same information, please click here to browse details:

org:About ( Simplified Chinese )