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(CIS) One of the services run by [[Computer Dictionary/CompuServe

Corporation|CompuServe Corporation]]. CIS provides a wide variety of information and services, including bulletin boards, on-line conferencing, business news, sports and weather, financial transactions, electronic mail, travel and entertainment data as well as on-line editions of computer publications. CompuServe Information Service should not be confused with CompuServe Corporation's other sectors which offer many other services besides the consumer information service.

CIS is a large international conferencing system (albeit with a heavy US bias). It provides an access to the Usenet news (GO INTERNET). More comprehensive Internet access was planned for the end of 1994.

Compuserve's main competitors were AOL and Prodigy. The names CI$ and Compu$erve, once used in sig blocks, refer to CompuServe's high charges. .

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