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(Or Cocktail) A huge set of compiler building tools for MS-DOS, Unix and OS/2.

parser generator (LALR -]] C, Modula-2), documentation, parser generator (LL(1) -]] C, Modula-2), tests, scanner generator (-]] C, Modula-2), tests translator (Extended BNF -]] BNF), translator (Modula-2 -]] C), translator (BNF (yacc) -]] Extended BNF), examples abstract syntax tree generator, attribute-evaluator generator, code generator

Current version: 9209.

The MS-DOS version requires DJ Delorie's DOS extender (go32) and the OS/2 version requires the emx programming environment. . OS/2 FTP.

Mailing list: (subscribe to Cocktail). E-mail: Josef Grosch , Willem Jan Withagen (OS/2).

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