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(ATandT) One of the

largest US telecommunications providers. Also noted for being the birthplace of the Unix operating system and the C and C++ programming languages.

ATandT was incorporated in 1885, but traces its lineage to Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone in 1876. As parent company of the former Bell System, ATandT's primary mission was to provide telephone service to virtually everyone in the United States. In its first 50 years, ATandT established subsidiaries and allied companies in more than a dozen other countries. It sold these interests in 1925 and focused on achieving its mission in the United States. It did, however, continue to provide international long distance service.

The Bell System was dissolved at the end of 1983 with ATandT's divestiture of the Bell telephone companies.

ATandT split into three parts in 1996, one of which is [[Computer Dictionary/Lucent Tecnologies|Lucent Tecnologies]], the former systems and equipment portion of ATandT (including Bell Laboratories).

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