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(ARM) A company formed in 1990 by Acorn Computers

Ltd., Apple Computer, Inc. and VLSI Technology to market and develop the Advanced RISC Machine microprocessor family, originally designed by Acorn.

ARM Ltd. also designs and licenses peripheral chips and supplies supporting software and hardware tools. In April 1993, Nippon Investment and Finance, a Daiwa Securities company, became ARM's fourth investor. In May 1994 Samsung became the sixth large company to have a licence to use the ARM processor core.

The success of ARM Ltd. and the strategy to widen the availability of RISC technology has resulted in its chips now being used in a range of products including the [[Computer Dictionary/Apple Newton|Apple Newton]]. As measured by an independent authority, more ARM processors were shipped than SPARC chips in 1993. ARM has also sold three times more chips than the PowerPC consortium. .


Address: Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. Fulbourn Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge CB1 4JN, UK.

Telephone: +44 (1223) 400 400. Fax: +44 (1223) 400 410.

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