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Rabbit's Yearly Horoscope

Rabbit Overview

How sweet it is! The Fire Pig is a little wild for your tastes, but a Pig is a Pig, and a Pig is one of your best friends.

Rabbit Rating

79% (1 neutral and 11 favorable months)

Rabbit Career

It could be a good year if you are in business. The salaried Rabbit, however, can expect only modest progress.

Rabbit Relationships

Passion runs deep. There is a strong chance of finding a new love. It's also an auspicious time to get married.

Rabbit Health

If there's a Rabbit vulnerability this year, as with last, it is in the area of health. There is an unlucky star influencing you this year, and with all the Fire around, you could be susceptible to minor accidents if you try to keep up with the hectic pace.

Rabbit Wealth

Your finances are secure. If you deal with money directly you are likely to increase your wealth.

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