Chinese Astrology/2007/Ox

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Ox's Yearly Horoscope

Ox Overview

This year could very well be a repeat of last year -- not that great but not horrible, either. Fire continues to rule, and Pig style is not for you.

Ox Rating

42% (4 favorable and 8 unfavorable months)

Ox Career

Plod on and you might enhance your prospects. You have plenty to do, but there will be obstacles. Rack up accomplishments, but don't expect that promotion this year.

Ox Relationships

The single Ox might find a new love interest or two, but don't expect things to develop rapidly. It's also not a great time to try to push an existing relationship to the next level. Be patient, as better times are coming. The married Ox could experience quarrels and tension if their spouse's emotional needs are not met.

Ox Health

The Ox tends to be a workaholic, especially when having problems in their love life, but this is a year when you could become run down. Monitor your stress and energy levels, and seek medical attention at the first sign of trouble.

Ox Wealth

A loss is a real possibility, as you are under the influence of several unlucky stars. Keep your eyes on the balance sheet.

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