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Monkey's Yearly Horoscope

Monkey Overview

Don't be misled by all those favorable months -- this is not likely to be a good or a bad year, but rather one with mixed results. You have unlucky stars around you. The key is to take full advantage of lucky months and bide your time during the rest. As with last year, you also have the problem of Fire, as Fire melts Metal (your fixed element) and therefore your luck. Overall you're looking at about a 50-50 year.

Monkey Rating

58% (6 favorable, 2 neutral and 4 unfavorable months)

Monkey Career

If you are in commerce, you could do very well. Other Monkeys could be looking at a mediocre year.

Monkey Relationships

Alone-time is more likely to be your lot than budding romance. It will be up to you to extend a hand to others, as people may not be coming up to you for companionship. There are, no doubt, people out there who feel the same as you, so cheer yourself up by lifting their spirits. You will all be happier.

Monkey Health

It is in this area where you could have the most problems this year. You are susceptible to illness and especially accidents. The combination of Fire and Metal is conducive to injuries. Avoid stress-related problems by taking time off at regular intervals throughout the year. Pamper yourself -- doctor's orders.

Monkey Wealth

Like your buddy the Rat, you are a lot quicker than the Pig. With money flowing in, you should be able to make a (quick) profit or two this year. Look for opportunities.

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