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Horse's Yearly Horoscope

Horse Overview

The Pig is not a particularly good year for the Horse, but there will still be opportunities. And, since it is a Fire year, there will be plenty of the excitement and adventure you crave. In a year of mixed results timing is all important. Pick your spots wisely.

Horse Rating

50% (5 favorable and 7 unfavorable months)

Horse Career

In general the best you can expect in a Pig year is to maintain your position with perhaps slight progress. Do your best and make sure the Pig doesn't lead you into so much frivolity you neglect the job.

Horse Relationships

You're likely to get swept up in the passion associated with Fire and Pig. Go with it! If you find someone who interests you, don't hesitate to make a move. It may or may not last, but if you connect, you can bet it will be a hot romance. As for existing relationships, turn up the heat. It just might get you to the next level.

Horse Health

As with last year, this could be your biggest area of concern. It's even more critical to make your annual checkup, as the Pig is less favorable for you than the Dog. If something develops that seems like a problem, get it checked out right away. Vulnerability to stress is always a factor in a Fire year.

Horse Wealth

Generally this should be the kind of year where you make money but also spend it about as fast as it comes in. You're not likely to strike it rich; however, you should have more than enough money to afford some luxury. The Pig may not be a friend, but that is no reason to ignore its call to pamper yourself a bit.

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