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Baghicha Dheri is a village of District Mardan located 18 Km at SWabi -Mardan Road in NWFP provice. It has a population about 15,000 people. It's old name was "Surkh Dheri". In 1803 this village is to began. It was a part of Ismaila,Swabi. Mian Ayub Uddin was appointed the Chief of Baghicha Dheri by British Empire. In 1836 Baghicha Dheri was in Legal Papers of Property rights.

In Baghicha Dheri there are too many "Mohhallas" like Miangan , Adabghar, Akukhel,Utmanzai, Behzadkhel etc. Miangan is one of the famous cast and family of baghicha dheri known for its high educational background. Famous people of mian family is Mian Badar UdDin, Mian Moin UdDin, Mian Rafiq UdDin, Mian Ameer UdDin,Dr. Mian Asad HayaudDin etc.

The beauty lies in its mountains, greenery and lakes. In ancient times it was famous for its fruits farms.There are two Government schools and a hospital. The land is very fertile and the two major sources of cultivation is corn and rice. The major problems of this village is no gas supply and poor roads. There is a huge graveyard with a mosque at the entrance of the village. People are very peaceful and humanitarian.

Places near Baghicha

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