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This year, your love for harmony, beauty and balance allows room for growth in your personal relationships. Partnership energy is at a new level of being that enlivens and invigorates both of you. Feeling emotionally and playfully engaged with your partner is a must. Lots of weekends away to relax and detach from serious realms of thinking and spending time in sensuous, gentle environments will keep your relationship fresh. Security may manifest as a need for a home environment that is completely safe and very cozy.

You have unusually clear insight into your own unconscious motivations, as well as into the emotional depths of others; when you decide to engage in a new partnership, you take on a whole new persona. With your good sense of humor and storytelling abilities, you have a powerful verbal connection in your intimate relationship. You love being in love and transforming your energy from a primal urge to merge with the sacred love you have between you.

Through intimacy, you will learn how to experience your own emotional desires without fear, and find a new sense of security and meaning this year. A love for beauty and symbols of beauty and your strong will power attracts powerful relationships to you. You are dramatic and dignified and also very caring and compassionate. You have a great capacity to let the child within you flow freely. Love and compassion are important to you and people respond well to the attention you give them, but sometimes you need to detach yourself from others so you can rediscover your own source of mystic union and refreshment.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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