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In the beginning of the year, you will be very excited and energized by your task-oriented work activity and helping others with details. You become very introspective about your beliefs and become more empathetic to other people's problems when you can work with them one-on-one. Comfort and security come when your work is clearly defined and you have the freedom to act according to your decision-making ability.

Your natural leadership skills shine as you take on positions of authority and demonstrate your executive abilities. Your best work happens when you are in a position to use your talents and qualifications you've worked so hard for. You love being involved in new projects, and this year will be full of them. You are very energetic and love ways that naturally and creatively express who you are. New opportunities arise for you to work in the public arena, and you'll enjoy serving the best interest of your community. Your need to be connected and useful in society will be satisfied in this kind of work. The opportunity to have a public career will open up for you if you choose to go through that door. This is a time when you will receive the credit you deserve and the prestige you desire.

You have something important to share with others this year, and will excel in dealing with the wants and needs of others. You have an unwavering ability to see the larger picture as well as the importance of details. When you follow your gut feelings, you are likely to be successful financially. Resources are at your fingertips this year, and you will fulfill the urge to create the necessary financial support you need to have safety and comfort for yourself and those closest to you.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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