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With such a loving personality, you will certainly attract romance and passion into your life this year, Scorpio! Your social life looks very promising and full of wonderful opportunities when you make the effort to meet new people. Your independent nature and strong desire to express yourself creatively this year gives you the ability to find excitement and develop new interests that you and your lover can do together.

When in a close relationship, you are intuitive, sensitive and psychic, and have a good sense of what other people's motives are. You experience emotions in a deep way through psychological bonding. As much as you may feel vulnerable at times this year, strive to experience the depths of your being and let yourself enjoy intense love relationships. Because of your keen awareness of others, it's good for you to take time to be with yourself, enjoy physical exercise and pamper yourself to help release a lot of the energy that you tend to store up inside yourself.

Your love life will be quite sensual this year. You will find much appreciation for the finer things in life. You'll realize the importance of sharing passionate moments with your partner. As much as you are working to get ahead in your career, your love life will not be satisfied playing second fiddle. You will definitely benefit from relaxing more and spending time with your sweetheart. Some of your energies need to be diverted towards cultivating more balance and harmony in your love relationship so you can enjoy the comforts of life together. You do much better when you have someone to share your deepest passions with.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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