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If you really, really, really want to go out with somebody, the 1st is the day to take decisive action. Whether you wear your favorite red sweater and stand in front of them at the coffee counter or you walk straight up to them at the bagel store and say, 'Hi, I've seen you around. Do you want to go out with me?' now's the time to do it. By the 4th, you'll have a better sense of how much potential this relationship has. The 8th, take a break from any and all romantic scheming, dreaming and/or preening. It's time to spend some time with yourself! The 12th and 13th, really look at some of the places your romances have gotten stuck in the past. What can you learn from these trouble spots? The 17th, you solve a problem (You and they haven't actually met yet? And you finally introduce yourself?). The 21st and 22nd are downright glorious as far as your romantic life is concerned. The 27th and 28th, conserve your romantic gains, and the 30th, start wrapping up the month with another great date.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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