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Your keyword, as the month begins is 'active.' Yep, you want to be active, active, active, and, after you're done with that, you want to be active some more. Why? Well, first of all, you've got a lot of energy. Second, it's a great time to accomplish a whole lot -- if you really try. By the 7th and 8th, you'll be feeling fantastic and seeing some of the stellar results of your active-active-active start to the month. The 13th, it's time to get managerial. Whether it's a work project or you're building a new house, you've got to be in charge. The 19th and 20th, take a break from all of the go-go-go and spend some time getting in touch with the people who are important to you. The 25th and 26th, take a long hard look at your self/work/love/life equation. Does it all add up to a healthy, balanced approach? Give it some thought. The 30th, you could have to solve a slightly irritating problem. Good thing you know just how to do it.

Overview | Career | Romantic

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