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The 1st, you could have a real a yen to express yourself romantically. So, how do you really feel about that sweetie pie you met at the International Translators of Many Languages Conference? How many languages would you like to say it in? Why not get some of the other folks you met at the International Translators of Many Languages Conference to help you compose just the right message in just the right 20 to 40 distinct languages? The object of your affection is bound to be pleased. By the 4th, you find that some old romantic hang-up just isn't hanging you up, anymore. The 9th, go ahead and look to the trees, birds, flowers or stars for inspiration. There's nothing more romantic than plain old nature, you know. By the 13th, you're ready to take the next step -- so call them up and ask them out the old-fashioned way! Straight talk is appealing, even to international translators of many languages. The 19th, you're feeling great and so are they. By the 24th, you might be tired out -- take a breath! The 29th, spend the day daydreaming if you like, and the evening bringing about a great big romantic change.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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