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The 1st, your job is to take a good long look at how everything is going in your personal life. Evaluate your social circle. Do you have too many acquaintances and not enough friends? Or are you pretty happy with your friend-to-casual buddy ratio? How's your love life looking? Your family-type relationships? Give it some thought this month and you could come up with some interesting ideas. By the 5th and 6th, you'll be in Mr. or Ms. Fix-It mode. From the leaky plumbing to the unspoken problems plaguing an intimate relationship, there's nothing you won't tackle this month. The results will be palpable, and by the 10th and 11th, you feel really, really fantastic. The 16th, you and a friend should take advantage of a quiet moment in both your lives to sit down together and reconnect. By the 20th, when you're feeling fit and raring to go, you'll see how beneficial this kind of human connection is to your overall feeling of well-being. The 24th, rest up -- you're ready to take things a little more slowly! And the 30th, begin to wrap up the month by making a least one big (or biggish) change.

Overview | Career | Romantic

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