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Are you happy at work? Ask yourself this question on the 1st. Then ask again on the 2nd. And again on the 3rd. Write down your answer each day. Then, on the 4th, look at all of your answers and see if they match up. That is, are they the same each day? Or are they different each day? Interesting. If they change, is it because your work changes, or because your perspective on work changes? Understanding your relationship to your work and your happiness can really help improve both. By the 5th and 6th, you could very well be ready to jump in the ring. Yep, you've got your boxing gloves on, and you're ready to take on just about anybody. That's great -- but don't forget to make sure it's your opponents, and not your partner, you're swinging at. The 10th and 11th, you feel like a real grown-up. What changed? The 15th, you're in a very internal space -- are you asking yourself about your happiness again? It never hurts to check-in, you know. The 17th and 18th, prepare yourself for some really terrific days. You're feeling creative, you're feeling productive and you're feeling good. Enjoy it. The 23rd, you reach a critical point. What you do now in your career could set the tone for years to come. The 28th, call a few important contacts, and the 30th, end the month with some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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