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If you're struggling with something emotional on the 1st -- an issue, difficulty or challenge of some sort -- turn to your creativity to better understand what it is you're dealing with. After all, emotional pains are never simple, and the more you can allow yourself to bring your powers of observation (which are intimately tied to your creative powers) to bear, the better you'll understand yourself, and the better you'll feel. You could end up helping a lot of other folks by setting an example too. The 4th, take it easy. By the 5th and 6th, you'll be in the middle of plenty of action (does an art dealer want to buy all those watercolors you did on the 1st as you were working your way through some of the trickier parts of your emotional landscape?). The 11th, something shifts -- you're at a turning point where you can let go of something that's been holding you back. The 14th, spend the day quietly solving problems, and then spend the evening feeling nice and calm. There's lots of good energy on the way for you to 17th and 18th -- so go ahead and celebrate! The 23rd, make your vision a reality, and the 27th, spend the afternoon getting your message out there. The 30th, take a nice deep breath -- and a bubble bath!

Overview | Career | Romantic

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