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You might spend the 1st doing a little old-fashioned evaluating. Where do romantic issues come up for you? What are your weak spots? What are your strengths? By the very romantic 5th and 6th, you won't have much time at all for this kind of heavy-duty thinking -- you'll be too busy smooching (or thinking about smooching). The 10th and 11th, the road to romance appears to be obstacle free -- go ahead and ride! The 15th and 16th, it's time to take charge of the romantic situation -- whatever that may entail. By the 19th and 20th, you could be just plain tuckered out -- romance is almost always a bit of a roller coaster, at least at the beginning. Go ahead and take a day or two off. You'll be rested and well prepared for whatever comes your way, romantically on the 25th -- and a whole lot could be coming your way. Wow! The 30th, wrap up your wowee month with a little romantic problem solving.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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