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The 1st, you are like a problem-solving machine: Anything you train your eye on at work suddenly gets solved. Your coworkers might wonder whether you have a magical (or mechanical) problem-seeing device. Your boss might wonder if she should pay you more. And problems -- of any nature -- are going to run and hide when they see you coming. Little good it will do them, of course. Once you've gotten all the problems out of the way (for now), you can move on and enjoy the extra wonderful days coming your way the 6th and 7th. You've more than earned this phase of good feelings and very promising beginnings. Enjoy it! By the 11th, you're ready to stop problem-solving and start new-idea-implementing. Good thing you've got the multifaceted talents that you've got: You're not limited to one (problem-solving) or the other (new-idea-implementing), but can easily do both. By the time the 16th rolls around, you're ready for the very positive public acknowledgment you're about to receive for your good work. Sure, go ahead and buy a new shirt to wear to the awards gala if you feel like it. The 20th, you might feel a little bit off -- well heck, when someone's been working as hard as you have, it's no wonder they might get a little tuckered out. Take a nap! The 25th, you see the nature of your work in a whole new light. The 30th, the rest of the world sees the nature of your work it a whole new light. Exciting, isn't it?

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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