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The 1st, you might be teaching a classroom of 4th graders about what they can do to help the environment (recycle, cut down on unnecessary packaging, eat more healthfully, take steps to protect local habitats). On the other hand, you could be making your debut at the local comedy club's amateur night. Either way, you've got an audience, and they are rapt. By the 4th, you should already be getting feedback -- and accolades. The 5th and 6th are pretty stellar days -- what are you going to do with all this star-glow trailing after you everywhere? The 11th, things get downright spiritual and/or philosophical in your vicinity. Have you met somebody new who's inspiring all this? Or is it more of an internal shift? The 16th, you're back in action in your community. Are you organizing a kids-for-the-environment drive? Or an amateur comedy appreciation night? The 20th, give yourself permission to take a little rest, and the 25th, you'll be raring to go (and the spotlight will be on you as you're doing it!). The 30th, end the month the way you started it -- in front of an audience!

Overview | Career | Romantic

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