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No matter what you might hear to the contrary when you tune in to the '80s station on the radio, love is not a drug -- nor should it be. The 1st, take advantage of a sense of general ease in your emotional life to really examine the role but love plays for you. Does it feel calming, or addictive? Do you feel satisfied by the love you find, or does what you find always leave you wanting more? These are very important issues to look at as you embark on your quest for romance this month. Could it be you need to make some changes within yourself before you're ready for a new romance? Ask yourself that question on the 5th, and again the 6th, when somebody special catches your eye. The 10th and 11th, give yourself lots of rest -- the 12th and 13th promise to be an action-packed! By the 18th, you've reached a turning point -- has considering all those big who-am-I questions changed how you approached romance? The 23rd and 24th, enjoy yourself -- it looks very much like you might be out on a date (or two)! By the 29th, you're ready for a little more self-analysis -- go to it!

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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