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The 1st, you could be painting your message on the office walls with all of your colleagues' lipstick tubes. Or, you might be making a miniature version of crop circles using the vacuum cleaner on the new plush green carpet in the office's entryway. On the other hand, you might be sending an email to all your coworkers. Whatever it is you want to communicate as the month gets going, the important thing is that you communicate it. By the 6th, people are starting to see your point. The question is, are they still willing to hand over their lipstick? Well, you could always run out to the drugstore if you really need more supplies. The important thing on the 10th and 11th is that you've gotten whatever it is you need to say said. Now you can take a little break. By the 15th and 16th, break time is over -- and it's back to work. Which, for you, means back to communicating in a big way. The 16th, you're itching for a bigger audience. Advertise! The 21st, go ahead and sit quietly at your desk and ask yourself if you're happy at work. The answer could surprise you. Get ready for a great couple of days the 23rd and 24th, then wrap up the month by doing something that can't be ignored.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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