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The 1st, you have your romantic thinking cap on, alright. What's a romantic thinking cap? Well, it's a lot like a regular thinking cap, except that a romantic thinking cap specifically helps you think about romance. So slip it on and let your brain go to work on how to get that very special romance going just the way you want it to get going. The 4th, you're in serious stock-taking mode -- have you put on your romantic stock-taking socks to go with your romantic thinking cap? Looks like it! What are you finding as you take stock? Are you consistently picking the wrong people? The right people at the wrong time? Have you just found (maybe) the right person at the right time? Cool! The 9th, add your getting-down-to-romantic-business bowtie to your ensemble. Then go ask them out. The 15th and 16th, get those romantic walking shoes on your feet, and the 20th, get walking! Right over to their cubicle! When you get there, say hi! Let the conversation build from there! The 25th, you might want to take off all those fancy clothes and take a relaxing bubble bath. The 30th, end the month with a little evaluation: How did things go this month?

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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