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The 1st, it's important that you give yourself a chance to be creative. There are all kinds of ways to do this. You might choose a traditional form of creativity, like singing or dancing or painting or drawing. Or you might be creative in other, less obvious ways. Communicating with others, designing a new indoor herb garden for your kitchen -- even going to the theater or the movies can get your creative juices flowing. The 4th, some of the creative energy you've generated could point you in a new direction. It feels good to have this kind of insight, doesn't it? The 8th and 9th, another insight -- this time about your work -- could inspire some very interesting changes. By the 13th, you are reaping the rewards of all this inspired thinking -- that is, you feel great! The 17th and 18th, don't be surprised if you have yet another round of insights. What do they have to with this time? Your home? Your love life? The 23rd and 24th, make a couple of lunch dates (and dinner dates, too, if you're up for it). The 29th, wind the month down with a healthy dose of -- yep -- creative energy.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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