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The 2nd, 3rd and 4th, you could feel like a vaudeville performer who's just gotten out of their straitjacket while locked in a tank full of water using a tiny golden key and their teeth. When it comes to romance, it's like you've emerged, beaming, before an admiring audience as the month starts. Yep, some problem that had been holding you back has just resolved itself, thanks to your nimble underwater moves and clever thinking. Go ahead and take a well-deserved bow -- then the rush to the telephone and call up the object of your romantic attentions right away. The 9th, a whole new, straightjacket-less romantic phase could be starting for you. The 13th, rest up from all these shenanigans. By the 18th, you're ready to examine why you were wearing a romantic straightjacket and getting yourself locked up in a tank filled with water in the first place. The 23rd and 24th, a little self-exploration will go a long way toward helping you understand how you are -- and why you are how you are. The 30th, try accepting something for what it is -- this, you know, can be very romantic!

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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