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The 1st, it's the beginning of a new month -- and a terrific time to put a brand-new idea to work. Do you want to start a poetry reading series? A pink cotton-candy factory? A new relationship? Whatever it is, as the month gets going, so should you. The 5th, you could be feeling mighty homey -- yep, you're in nesting mode, so go ahead and pick up any stray feathers and cotton strips and shiny objects you come across on your way home. Use them to make your nest look tip-top. The 10th and 11th, don't forget the old rule: Before you throw out a lamp that doesn't work, make sure the lamp was plugged in, in the first place. Likewise, before you discard a relationship, make sure there isn't a simple connection missing. The 16th, your plans are taking off -- which means you're busy, busy, busy. By the 19th, you're in battle mode, and ready to defend the strides your project has made against any naysayers. Good for you! The 23rd and 24th, go ahead and meditate, and the 30th, wrap up the month with a little letting go.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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