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The 3rd and 4th, a tricky situation resolves itself at work. It could be as simple as your boss going on vacation or as complicated as a corporate buyout followed by massive restructuring that results in your boss going on a permanent vacation. Or maybe you like your boss, and the situation that's tricky resolves itself without involving them at all. Heck, maybe you are the boss! Whatever your particular situation, you can go ahead and breathe easy as the month begins. The 8th and 9th, it's more easy riding on the highway of your career. Which exit are you looking for? You might want to stop and ask for directions on the 15th and 16th -- at least, if you want to make sure you're not getting lost. The 20th, you come to a real crossroads: Are you going to choose the managerial route? Become an independent contractor? Make the decision to stay at the level you're at so that you have enough time to spend with your family and friends? Very interesting questions, all of these. Your answers will tell you a lot about your priorities. By the 25th, you are more than ready for the fantastic news that lands on your desk. The 26th, get ready for even more fantastic news. The 27th and 28th, end the month with a few brand-new ideas. You've got big things on your horizon!

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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