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Your confidence -- which is in full force on the 1st -- will carry you through your work life this month. The 3rd and 4th, it's time for you to check your Rolodex -- any important people you need to contact? By the 9th, it's time to really take control of whatever's happening at work. Whether it's a big sale or a big buyout or a little adjustment to your family-owned creamery's business model, make sure you get it done right. The 14th and 15th, you have a nose for problems -- and you're going to sniff out any tricky little issues hiding out in the fine print. The 21st, you have a great new idea, and you put it to work right away (typical, you just-get-it-done type, you!). By the 25th, you can make a difference. Don't give up! What you want is just around the corner. The 30th, end the month with a well-deserved after-work evening out. Don't forget that socializing is an important part of your career too! You never know what you could learn or who you might meet.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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