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Balancing acts are something you do very well, and you'll be regular tightrope walker this year! You have a natural ability to patiently give people your valuable time, and weigh new ideas without jumping to conclusions. Lots of rewards both personally and professionally will come from being able to work hard creating various successful projects in your career.

Long-deserved appreciation for all the love, respect and uplifting energy you exhibit will connect you with new opportunities for advancement in 2007. It may be time to do some public speaking engagements. You have spent a lot of time mastering your communication skills, and you'll experience personal transformation in a deep and profound way. People listen to you because you have something important to say and know how to articulate what you mean. You could easily find yourself in the public limelight.

The home fires burn strongly this year as your interest in your family life sustains you. You are proud of your roots and your family bonds are very strong. Your softhearted nature -- exemplified by giving to your family without asking for anything in return -- comes naturally to you. Your nurturing gives people a deep sense of security and stability, and helps them to be more successful in their own lives.

Short trips and travel will intellectually stimulate you this year, and provide a refreshing change of scenery. Since you see the value of different pursuits and are optimistic to change, you will start new creative projects using your idealistic visions and wonderful imagination. You'll benefit from finding your inner resources and expressing them artistically. Creative writing could be greatly profitable for you this year. Sharpen your pencil and get going!

Overview | Career | Romantic

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