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As much as you are energized by relationship challenges, you realize this year that you need to cultivate more diplomacy and gentleness in your relationship to feel more connected with your partner. You'll have a strong desire to transform your love life to gain a better appreciation of your deeper needs. You are fond of getting your own way, which most of the time equates to feeling harmonious. You possess great charm and a strong attraction to the opposite sex. Your fun-loving laughter and playfulness will keep your life interesting and free of boredom.

You have an unconventional approach toward sexual matters, and feel best when you're intimately involved. You dream of the perfect partner, but sometimes you need to not depend so much on your lover. Your ideals will strongly affect the expression of your individuality this year, and you will find that you will outgrow much of your past patterns. Through self-examination, you'll move toward new, positive ways of communicating.

In order to maintain your health in body, mind, and spirit this year, you'll need to understand and define the line between you and your partner. The more harmonious the whole operates, the happier you'll both be -- within and without. Your relationship should connect you to reality in a holistic way. Giving and receiving lots of affection from those you love keeps your fires burning, Leo. Fan the flames of love and prepare for a stellar year!

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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