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Your sunny disposition will bring harmony into your life this year, resulting in an integration of all that you are becoming. Your love for pleasure and natural beauty will help you recreate yourself. You are dynamically active with lots of friends and group associations, and you love diversity and stimulation. You do well organizing group activities, be it a party, a meeting or a social event. Making a career out of this would be especially good since you are such a socially-oriented person, not to mention a great organizer with a gift for details.

Guard against taking on too much responsibility this year, otherwise you might end up feeling overloaded. Take care of your personal needs, and maintain your sense of well being. You seek comfort and security, and you'll benefit from periodic retreats and spending time in nature in order to keep positive boundaries. This is a good time to explore your inner character and high standards, and reevaluate what you believe is important.

The passion you feel toward your family this year will lead to a powerful relationship you may have never known. Examine your connection to your past and assess how it affects your present-day reality. Since you experience much of your emotion through creative endeavors, it would serve you well to teach, write or share some of the profound insights you've gained through this time of personal transformation.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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