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In 2007, you will have great opportunities to reinvent yourself in your career. Boredom with conventional approaches pushes you to express your idealistic motivation rather than your worldly success. Resources are available to you and your sense of value is strong. You have a strong urge to define which resources create security, safety and comfort for yourself and those closest to you. You will work at establishing your own personal authority and will reinvent yourself in a larger way. You have the analytical ability to communicate your needs clearly, and you'll find that you are satisfied monetarily in your business dealings.

You are shrewd in business and can succeed in almost any profession you choose. Having faith in your mental powers and cultivating a positive attitude is something that serves you tremendously well. You integrate wonderfully with others, and this enables you to function powerfully as part of a group. You may be drawn to social, humanitarian, religious or political groups and will easily align your own ideals with like-minded people. Your awareness of the importance of connectivity impacts those in your circles, and opens doors to sharing goals.

You are able to direct your inspirational ideas in ways that reveal compassion on a global level. This opens up possibilities for community work. Change is the name of the game this year, whether it's changing careers or restructuring your career to be one of more compassionate service. Put more emphasis on the needs of others -- as well as your own -- and this promises to be a very fulfilling year.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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