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You're fond of imaginative flights of fancy, and determined in your pursuit of sensual pleasures this year. Your partnership -- or potential thereof -- will bring very comforting moments to you. Your desire for luxuries will most likely be enhanced by a new love relationship that adds an artistic flair to your life. This special person will trigger your energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious side. You have great charm and poise, and the opposite sex finds you very attractive. Your communication skills will help you in rounding this person up -- and you refuse to let this one get away!

You are attracted to the idea of partnership, and this person will help your cultivate a realistic view toward them. You love variety, and this new relationship will give you opportunities for discovery. You are a good judge of character and appreciate the beauty of things in the world -- but not apart from their utility and ultimate purpose. Your nurturing abilities rise to the surface this year and allow you to explore the different variations of your inner needs.

You'll enjoy developing the exchange of interpersonal expression, and you will find new meaning in your life. Your inner charm and attractiveness comes out in new ways, and your love will be incredibly satisfying. There's no such thing as a casual relationship in your life.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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