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Fiery Aries definitely will feel motivated to make a social contribution to society this year. With your wonderful leadership skills, your career is guided by drive, stamina and commitment. Achievement and recognition are important to you. You have what it takes to become famous for your contributions to society, and you just may attain that goal soon! No doubt, you will be working toward ambitious professional aspirations and will realize your true source of personal power.

You will feel a need to serve your high expectations in 2007. You will be cautious in advancing to the top of a new opportunity coming your way. You may feel a need to rush into things to make the necessary changes, but it is important that you channel your abundant energy constructively so that your need to be active doesn't drain you. You have quite a pioneering spirit and are willing to tackle any project that comes your way. You forge ahead, and yet towards the beginning of summer, you need a break from focusing so much on your present job. You may start feeling a need to go in a new direction.

Opportunities will manifest in ways you never even dreamed of You may get the chance to travel both for work and for pleasure. By the end of the year, you will be working smarter rather than harder, and will be much more practical in how you spend your time. Work that motivates your ideals will capture your undivided attention. Because you are optimistic, idealistic and high-minded, you will find the career change you make gives you the freedom, adventure and personal satisfaction you've been seeking.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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