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Your Love Life in 2007

You love going out on the town, and you need to be seen in order to feel connected with others. You have a very demonstrative and affectionate nature, and this year you will need to be where people go to escape the more serious realms of critical thinking. You may overwhelm others who aren't inclined toward enjoying the theatrical expression of their emotions. You need to be surrounded by people who value your playfulness and self-expression. You are at your best when you drop your concern for others' opinions and relax into being yourself.

You will experience a need to express yourself clearly and energetically to make sure your needs are met this year. You are very loyal in your one-on-one partnership and expect the same in return. You enjoy all the enthusiasm in your love life and find that you can't live without this special person who brings you so much excitement and wonder. You may be somewhat of a dreamer and romanticize emotions, yet your dreams may reflect truths when you are in tune to your higher awareness.

You love travel and are likely to take many journeys. Around autumn, you are excited by a harmonious relationship and find that what's nice on your own is especially nice with another. In marriage, you will have the chance to balance your energy. You easily share your sensitive and caring nature, which is very devoted and loyal. You value kindness above all else, based on the foundation you likely had growing up in a calm and beneficial home environment. You have a strong need to share your philosophy of life with someone who has emotional sensitivity in the subconscious realms. Buckle your seatbelt, Aquarius!

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