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You care. You care about your work, you care about your colleagues, you care about your projects, and that makes your work much more fulfilling than it would be if you didn't care. But it can also make it hard for you to deal with it when everything at work doesn't go perfectly. Why? Because you care so much, silly bear. Your job, starting the 1st and continuing all month (year, decade, probably even lifetime) long, is to try to figure out how to care as much as you do without feeling quite so bad when there are glitches in the machinery (because there always will be something that isn't quite perfect, you know). Deep breathing, perspective, a healthy distance, a healthy sense of self -- all of these are potential ways to accomplish this not-un-tricky task. The 10th, you find a piece of your psyche's puzzle, and the 9th, you go ahead and find the empty space in your psyche where it fits. The 14th, take the day off, if you can -- you've been working hard and caring a lot and you could use a rest. The 19th and 20th you gain a very fresh new perspective (and it feels good!). The 25th, get ready: The 26th and 27th are going to be really, really great days. Aren't you glad you're so invested?

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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