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You're good at people. You know how to laugh, smile, flirt, listen, ask, shake hands and, in general, charm their socks off. One-on-one or in a party situation, you know what to do. It's very likely you'll be doing just that (charming off socks) the 1st and 2nd. Enjoy this very social time and you could find you make some important new connections. By the 5th, you're ready for some quiet time. It's really important that you give yourself space to just relax and be by yourself -- otherwise your social self will overpower your internal-looking self. The 10th, it looks like you're in charge, when it comes to an important work project. The 15th, spend the evening doing something calming so you'll be rested and ready for some spectacular days the 17th and 18th. What (or who) is awaiting you? It'll be exciting to find out. The 22nd, keep your eye on your goals -- whether they're work-related or romantic. The 24th, why not check in on your health -- how's your fitness routine holding up? The 29th, do some serious self-exploration. Don't forget to check out all those psychic nooks and crannies!

Overview | Career | Romantic

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