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The 1st, you make like one of those dogs that detectives use to help them find the scent left by the jewel thief as he escaped down a series of dark alleyways with the diamonds. That is, you perk up your senses (sense of smell among them) and figure out where the trail leads. By the 6th and 7th, don't be surprised if you recover the missing diamonds (data, friend, lover or whatever else it was you'd misplaced). The 12th, you want to do your very best to try to accept the situation for what it is, rather than what you'd like it to be. By the 16th, you'll be seeing the benefits of accepting a situation for what it is rather than believing in a fantasy -- reality is better than you could have imagined! The 20th, you're ready for a break from all this truth finding and reality accepting and everything else you've been working so hard on it. Give yourself a day off! The 25th, get creative. Run, jump, sing, dance, paint, jog -- anything that gets your juices flowing will be good for you now. The 29th, it's time to sniff out another invisible trail. Ta-da!

Overview | Career | Romantic

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