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The 1st, you start the month out in the middle of a lot of activity. You could be feeling just a tad overwhelmed by all the work you're getting. Keep in mind that it is, after all, great to have so much work; go about doing it in a calm, confident manner. 'One step at a time' is your mantra, this month. Don't forget -- you're good at what you do. All you have to do is stay calm, well rested, and do it in steps: first one thing, then the next. (It wouldn't hurt to make sure you don't skip your yoga classes during these stressful periods, either). The 5th, take time out to calmly and confidently assess where you're at. If you're tired, take a rest -- you'll do your best, most efficient work when you're well rested, you know. The 10th, there's no work problem you can't manage, so don't worry if something comes up (just manage it!). The 13th and 14th are stellar days. Enjoy them. The 15th, action is required, and action is what you take (great!). The 20th, keep pushing for you want (you deserve it). The 25th, reach out and make some important professional connections. The 30th, you wrap up the month with another flurry of professional activity. Breathe deep, work hard and enjoy it!

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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