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The month starts out with a great big fiery sparkly shiny-bright ball of plain-old fantastic. Yep, everything -- work, love, your hairdo, your glowing skin, your cheery outlook -- is going your way. Let your arms swing at your side in time with the spring in your step -- and don't forget to stop and smell any new-budding springtime flowers you happen to see! The 4th, it's time to take a terrific idea that's been simmering in that cute head of yours for a while and turn it into a reality. The 8th, spend the day really trying to understand what's actually going on -- then, when you go out at night, have a ball. The 12th, get active in a group -- any group you choose. This could mean organizing a picnic for the capoeira studio or speaking up at the office meeting -- whatever it is, the important thing is that you catalyze things. The 14th, you're willing to make a sacrifice now if it will mean a payoff in the future. Just make sure you're really making a worthwhile sacrifice, and not settling for less. The 19th and 20th, write it down. By the 25th, you understand the problem better, and the 29th, get ready -- it's another great day.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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