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Well, if all the wheels aren't turning just the right way for you on the 1st! The gears are well oiled, and the machinery is going full steam ahead. In short, work is going great as the month starts! Get ready for more 'super' where work and everything else is concerned on the 2nd and 3rd. What a way to start the month! Take advantage of this 'everything's great' time to take a long look at your work life -- when it's all good, is it all you want it to be? Or is there something missing in your work? Or is there just a little too much of it in your life? Maybe you need to cut back on work, even if it is fabulous. Try to be honest with yourself and you could gain a whole new appreciation of what it is you do. The 9th and 10th, it's time to act -- and how! What you do now should have some pretty exciting long-term consequences. The 15th and 16th, you want to get out there in the public eye, but you also don't want to stress yourself out too much. Tricky balance? You can handle it. The 21st and 22nd, one of your close friends or family members has a terrific idea for you. By the 26th, you'll have ironed out a kink in your plans -- just in time for the really smoothly running 28th, 29th and 30th.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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