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As the month begins, the 1st and 2nd, a very reflective period is starting, for you. Take some time to be with yourself, because you could discover that this reflective period is a very rich, creative time for you as well. Sometimes quiet is one of the most important ingredients in the 'self-expression' recipe. The 7th, you're ready to take that recipe (two parts self-actualization, one part quiet, three parts fluorescent paint, a dash of poetry) and test it out. How's it look? The 11th and 12th, if you're tired, don't push yourself. The 14th, there's a lot going on -- and some of it could be very romantic! The 18th, you're ready to grow up. Wonderful. What is it that's shifted and allowed you to see how you've been hanging on to a childhood coping mechanism? The 22nd, if you feel like just chilling out at home, then just chill out at home. Remember: What's most important is that you learn to listen to your own needs! The 27th, you're pouring heart and soul into a project, and it feels good. End the month, the 29th, with some more reflective, creative time.

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