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The 1st and 2nd, it's really time for you to do some spring-cleaning. Not the air-out-the-linens and beat-the-rugs kind (though you can do that, too, if you want). No, it's high time for you to take a long, hard look inside yourself and start to acknowledge who you are. Throw out any resistance to taking responsibility for your actions. Scrub down any pure intentions that have gotten muddied up with the need to preserve an image of yourself. Make up with friends you've mistreated. Get rid of a lover who saps your energy. It's a big project, that's for sure -- but if you get started now, you'll notice a real difference in your internal world's order. By the 5th, you're ready to get connected in a healthier way. The 10th, practice letting things come as they come, without judging them, trying to change them, or refusing to acknowledge them for what they are. The 15th and 16th, you identify (finally!) the source of a problem. The 21st and 22nd, you try out a new solution on this problem (if you're ready to). By the 27th, you're at a critical juncture. Are you going to solidify or undo all the hard work you've accomplished so far?

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