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The 1st, you could feel like it's a whole new day for you, where romance is concerned. Yep, you feel like yawning, stretching, wiggling your toes and then jumping out of bed and taking a deep breath and saying, 'Yes, world, I am rested and ready for a brand-new romance!' Great -- go ahead and do it. You are ready for a brand-new romance, after all. The 5th, you could start seeing where some of the kinks are. Is the object of your affection still getting over their last relationship? Do they need time? If they do, well, you'll do best to give them the time they need to get over it. The 10th, you and they are on all the same wavelengths -- enjoy it! The 15th and 16th, something you've been working toward romantically comes into sight. Looks like you might just get whatever you want after all! The 21st and 22nd, go ahead and take a break from all this romantic excitement -- after all, nobody can be on all the time. The 25th, you are busy, busy, busy -- just make sure you make some time for them! The 30th, wrap up the month the way you started it -- ready for romance!

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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