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The 1st, you come to a turning point in your work. You have a choice. Is it to stay or go? To move up or stay where you are? To become chief operator of the merry-go-round? To step down as lion tamer and take over as the person who rides on top of the tricycle on top of the elephant's back? Does a rival circus want to hire you away from the one you're at now? Do you want to go? What if they give you a brand-new purple satin clown suit with red spangles? Hmm? Well, this is the month for big decisions in your work life, that's for sure. By the 5th, you've made a least one of them -- at least tentatively, at least for now. The 9th, you're feeling so fabulous up there on the high-wire trapeze that you can't believe you've ever worked anywhere else -- just watch out for the somersault to the swing! The 15th and 16th, you're in action -- which is where you feel best. The 20th, you get connected with your coworkers (and yes, the monkeys and the lions count). By the 25th, you could feel ready to move on to a teaching position of some kind (A professorship at the local clown school? Why not?). The 30th, wrap up the month with some stretches. Maybe the contortionist can help.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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