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If you feel like there's a whole lot of nothing going on in your romantic life on the 1st and 2nd, well, that could be because things are in a lull. Don't fret -- instead, use this romantic downtime to rest, relax and come back to yourself as much as possible. After all, romance is a whirlwind, and when it strikes, you want to be well rested and ready for it! The 4th, try doing less rather than more when it comes to romancing somebody. That is, try winking at the cutie on the bus rather than running right up to them and taking their hand (after all, you don't even know them yet!). The 8th and 9th, a lingering little love problem suddenly becomes clear to you -- do you realize that you should almost always introduce yourself before you stroke their hair in line at the coffee shop? Or that you tend to project certain kinds of problems that are really your own onto your partners? The 12th, you're a team player, and they appreciate that. The 15th, you're having a great day, romantic and otherwise. By the 20th, it all gets a little bit easier, and the 25th, you're ready to take control. The 30th, wrap up the month with a nap.

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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