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The 1st, take a quick breather. Give yourself a little time to rest, relax and reconsider in the midst of all the work, work, work you've been doing. What is it you want to reconsider, exactly? Consider that question the 2nd and 3rd, and by the 5th you'll have a pretty good idea. Is it time your talents were appreciated a little bit more around here? Time your hard work got a little more attention? Time someone noticed the perky red sweater that you wear to the office especially on rainy days to brighten the lives of your colleagues? Well, honeypie, you tell them what's what on the 10th and you should get some very interesting feedback by the 11th and 12th. (Maybe you've been missing some part of the equation all along. Are your colleagues colorblind? And they never noticed your red sweater? Ah-ha!) The 17th and 18th, it's time to put a great idea of yours into action. By the 21st, you're ready to let go of a longstanding grudge, and your work will really benefit. The 26th and 27th, you want to pay close attention to the finer details. The 30th, end the month with another breather!

All | Overview | Career | Romantic

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