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Country Code 7

Zone (Locality) Area Code
Belgorod 472
Bryansk 483
Vladimir 492
Voronezh 473
Ivanovo 493
Kaliningrad 401
Kaluga 484
Kostroma 494
Kursk 471
Lipetsk 474
Moscow (municipal) 495
Moscow (regional) 496
Oryol 486
Ryazan 491
Smolensk 481
Tambov 475
Tver 482
Tula 487
Yaroslavl 485

NOTE: Effective 1 December 2005, Russia revised its telephone numbering plan to require a total of 10 digits following the country code.

All area codes which previously began in "0" had this digit replaced by a "4."

Further information on the numbering scheme can be found at this link (in Russian).

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